Why do clients choose to staff with Gifted Healthcare?

Clients choose Gifted Healthcare and Gifted Education for staffing services because we have earned the trust of our school and healthcare professionals by prioritizing their careers and helping them succeed.

Who is Gifted Healthcare?

Our culture and core values at Gifted can be summarized by five key words:

Diverse: We are a community of diverse and passionate individuals

Resilient: We tackle challenges with resilience and grit

Compassionate: We lead with empathy and compassion

Inclusive: We empower collaboration through transparency and inclusivity

Fun: We are rooted in our energetic and fun heart

We believe that clinicians and allied health professionals are the backbones of our healthcare system, and school-based professionals make education possible. It’s these individuals' compassion and knowledge that drive care outcomes and help to alleviate your operational stress behind the scenes.

Our team is here for you and ready to adapt, to connect you with quality staff who can produce tangible results, no matter the situation.