When will my benefits coverage end after my contract?

This depends on whether you are picking up a new contract or not.

  • Yes: So long as there is not a large gap between assignments, Gifted will maintain your coverage until your next contract begins. Once you start your new assignment, you will be responsible for any unpaid premiums.

  • No: Your coverage will continue through the end of your final month on assignment.

Examples: Your current assignment ends on 4/7

  • If your new assignment starts 5/9

    • Your insurance will remain active and you will repay missed premiums when you start your new assignment

  • If your new assignment starts 6/7

    • Your insurance will end on 4/30, but you will be offered new insurance on 6/7

  • If you are not planning to pick up another contract with Gifted

    • Your coverage will end on 4/30