Travel Nurse FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about local and travel contract nursing at Gifted Healthcare

Does Gifted offer opportunities everywhere?

Depending on your nursing specialty and what is in demand, you can pick where you want to go!

Although your preferred city may not be available immediately, we can talk through the other travel opportunities within your specialty and find a city that excites you! With 13-week contracts, you can mark off a couple of places on your bucket list each year.

What experience do I need in order to apply?

The majority of facilities require two years of current experience in your specialty, preferably in a hospital setting, before you can take on a travel nurse contract. 

Some healthcare facilities will consider RNs with one year of experience in their specialty, but this is less common. 

There are some facilities that require previous travel nursing experience so speak with your Gifted Healthcare recruiter to explore the options that work best for the experience you have.

Why should I become a travel nurse?

Travel nursing is a unique experience that cultivates opportunities to grow professionally as well as grow in your personal life. What other job allows you to just travel from state to state on your own schedule? 

As a travel nurse, you can immerse yourself in new cities while working on a flexible schedule, at great pay. This flexible schedule allows you to take longer periods of time off in-between your assignments. You can take a month off and explore your assignment city before packing up for your next location! 

Since you aren’t permanently placed at any location, you will gain diverse experience at top-notch facilities around America that all have different practice environments. Speak with a recruiter and allow Gifted to help you advance your career.

When and how do I get paid?

After submitting a timecard, you will be paid on a weekly basis by direct deposit.

What if I'm not licensed in a state that I'm interested in?

Gifted makes it easy to obtain a license in a new state.  Our seasoned credentialing team is here to help you through the entire process of getting a new license, renewing a license, or answering any other questions you might have throughout the process

How does employment verification work?

For employment verification, please email our Verifications Department.