Setting Up Your Gifted Profile

Completing your Gifted profile helps us learn about your life needs, skills, and work preferences so that we can secure you the perfect assignment as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please reach out to our 24/7 support team at 888-566-8773.

1. Follow the invitation link in your email inbox to create your password.

  • Your username/email will auto-populate based on the email you provided. Be sure to use the same email address you applied with, or you won’t be able to confirm your profile. 
  • Create and confirm your password, then click “Save Credentials” 

2. Log in to view and complete your Gifted profile. 

3. Open the Personal tab to tell us more about yourself.

  • Enter your Contact Info, Home Address, and Emergency Contact details 
  • After you’ve saved your information, click “Preferences” to continue. 

Step 3

4. Complete the Preferences section to share your assignment preferences.

  • Enter and save your Work Preferences, Shift Preferences, Preferred Work Locations, and Notification Settings 
  • Click “Credentials” to continue 

Step 4

5. Complete the Credentials section to share your state license and certification information.

  • Enter your state licenses and certifications – be sure to upload pictures of the FRONT and BACK of your certifications when applicable. 
  • Click "Experience” to continue 

Step 5

6. Complete the Experience section to share important details about your education, work experience, and professional references.

  • Enter your education information in the Education section 
  • Enter your past seven (7) years of work experience in the Work section. If you graduated less than seven years ago, please enter your work experience since your graduation date. Be sure to include extra details like Unit, Unit Beds, Patient Ratios, and Charge Experience if possible. 
  • Upload your resume in the Resume section 
  • Make sure all your information is saved and click "Acknowledge” to continue 

Step 6

7. Once you have completed steps 3-6, open the Acknowledge section to sign and confirm your completed profile.

  • Sign your application and click Acknowledge & Agree. This will only appear once you have completed steps 1-5. 

Step 7

8. Almost there! Now open the Skills section.

  • Complete all items that have been assigned in the “Assigned: Skills Assessments” section.   
  • Once you have completed your assessments, click Complete. Please note the Complete button will only activate when you have finished each assessment.   

Step 8

9. You did it! Now sit back and leave it to us. Once you have completed steps 1-8, your recruiter will reach out to discuss your next steps.


Thank you for applying to Gifted Healthcare. It’s our mission to help you build your career by providing the opportunities and support you need to thrive. We can’t wait to open the door to your next assignment!