PRN / Local Nursing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about local, per diem nursing at Gifted Healthcare

What experience is required?

We require at least one year of clinical working experience with one year of experience in the specialty you desire to be staffed in to begin working per diem shifts through Gifted.

What are the benefits of per diem nursing?

There are a variety of reasons nurses choose to become a per diem nurse. Here are a few common reasons:

  • opportunity to make extra income by working additional shifts outside of your regular work hours
  • ability to keep your license active even when you aren’t working full time
  • flexibility to control your own schedule and work when you want to work
  • variety of experiences at different facilities in your area to learn new skills and grow your resume
  • often offers higher pay per hour
  • next-day, daily pay

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Where can I find registered nurse jobs near me?

We have made it simple – look for per diem jobs near you on our Job Board by selecting “per diem” or “local contract” in the “job type” dropdown.

What happens when I mark myself as "Available"?

When our team sees you have marked a shift as available, they will give you a call at confirmation time if you are needed for the shift. Be prepared for the call and ready to work the shift.

If you are not 100% certain of availability for a shift, do not mark yourself as available.

What do I need with me for each shift?

Be sure to bring your RN license, credentials, and a photo ID. The staffing office may need to make their own copies on your first shift.

Where do I go for my shift?

When picking up shifts at different facilities, always head to the Nurse Staffing Office to sign in with the supervisor to receive your assignment.