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Gifted Healthcare Company FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifted Healthcare

Who is Gifted Healthcare?

GIFTED Healthcare is an award-winning travel nursing agency that offers nursing contracts at premier healthcare facilities across the United States. 

We believe in the power that you have to make a difference in a patient’s care. This inspires us to help you thrive and advance your nursing career by providing exceptional job opportunities, day one benefits, and 24/7 support.

In addition to nursing, we also provide excellent allied health opportunities as well as school-based therapy and clinical jobs.

What opportunities does Gifted offer?

We offer a variety of contracts to fit your needs, including Travel, Local, Per Diem, and Government contracts at top-notch facilities across America. 

We specialize in excellent opportunities for:

  • Nurses (LTAC and away-from-the-bedside)
  • Allied health professionals
  • School-based therapy, nursing, and special education professionals

Our Gifted recruiters are here to provide you with career guidance and will work to find you the assignment you’ve been looking for.

Does Gifted offer opportunities everywhere?

Depending on your specialty and what is in demand, you can pick where you want to go! 

Although your preferred city may not be available immediately, we can talk through the other travel opportunities within your specialty and find a city that excites you! With 13-week contracts, you can mark off a couple of places on your bucket list each year.

What are Gifted's core values?

Here at Gifted, we use five key words to describe our culture and core values:

Diverse: We are a community of diverse and passionate individuals

Resilient: We tackle challenges with resilience and grit

Compassionate: We lead with empathy and compassion

Inclusive: We empower collaboration through transparency and inclusivity

Fun: We are rooted in our energetic and fun heart


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