Credentialing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the credentialing process with GIFTED Healthcare.

How does the compliance process work?

You will receive a dedicated specialist who will contact you with a checklist of required credentialing items and develop a plan with you to complete them. Your credentialing specialist will use this initial call with you to determine the timeline, deadline, and order of tasks to be completed, as well as any appointments you may need.

If you have a long list of compliance items to be completed, don’t worry! Your credentialing specialist will help you with every step and will provide step-by-step instructions for success.

How often must I have a TB test?

This depends on the client. Some allow annual TB’s or have specifics such as Tb QTF or 2 step TB within a certain time span. Please work with your compliance manager to ensure you meet compliance and remain compliant.

How many references must I list?

You will need to keep your references up to date throughout your assignments. We will continually obtain references throughout your time here with Gifted and ask to have at least 2-3 always listed and updated quarterly if applicable.

Do I need a copy of all the requested immunization records?

Yes. Since Gifted is accredited by the Joint Commission, all items requested are required unless otherwise specified for your facility. 

How long does the credentialing process take?

Credentialing from the time you receive your welcome email from start to finish should not exceed 7 days. Within 48 hours we ask that you review and make sure you have all items listed to meet the compliance standards of both Gifted and your Facility.

What are Gifted's credentialing hours?

You can reach credentialing during the hours of Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST.

What happens if I am unable to provide all the items required for credentialing onboarding?

Contact your credentialing specialist right away with any questions or concerns to see what options you may have.

Where do I send my documents for Credentialing?

You can fax them to 918-999-0047 or email to